Rock Stars Narrate Nature Videos in Discovery’s ‘Hello World!’ (VIDEO)

Discovery Communications (2)

When we watch a nature show, the thing that fascinates the most is how animals survive and live in the wild in ways we’ve never seen before.

Now, imagine watching an hawk catch its prey backed up by Steven Tyler’s trademark scream. Or listening to Christina Aguilera describe how a mother polar bear protects her cubs. Intrigued? That’s what you’ll see on Discovery’s new show Hello World! Instead of having a standard narrator drone on, the new show pairs nature footage with rock stars, and their unique storytelling styles. In addition to having the stars narrate, the soundtrack will contain songs from each artist’s catalogue.

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So who will we hear from in this six-part series? Besides Tyler and Aguilera, the series will feature Usher, Ellie Goulding, Joan Jett and Dave Matthews. The series is presented in association with the World Wildlife Fund.

Take a look at the exclusive teaser for the show below:

Hello World!, Series Premiere, Saturday, July 9, 8/7c, Discovery.