Monica Raymund Compares Her ‘Hightown’ Character to ‘Chicago Fire’s Gabby Dawson

Hightown Season 1

Monica Raymund, best known as EMT Gabby Dawson on Chicago Fire, calls her character on the crime drama Hightown “the kind of girl Gabby Dawson would try to save on the street.”

Never mind that Jackie Quiñones is a National Marine Fisheries Service agent patrolling Cape Cod’s waterways. She’s also a hard-drinking partyer who flashes her badge to seduce women and can barely function at her job.

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Jackie finds an unexpected lifeline after the body of a young woman washes up. “Even though she’s not a murder cop,” says Raymund, “she immerses herself in the case. It’s her path to redemption.”

When clues link the case to the Cape’s growing opioid epidemic, she brings the evidence to narcotics sergeant Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale, The Pacific), another damaged alpha type.

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“At first, it’s a bit of a cockfight, but he needs Jackie’s [help],” Raymund says, “and he brings her in on the investigation.” Let’s hope his motives don’t prove to be, well, fishy.

Hightown, Series Premiere, Sunday, May 17, Starz