‘The Missing’ Spinoff ‘Baptiste’ Is Filled With Twists & Secrets

Baptiste Masterpiece Mystery Preview
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French detective Julien Baptiste has been MIA since Starz last aired The Missing in 2017. Now, having survived a brain tumor, the unrelenting retired cop (Tchéky Karyo) is front and center in the search for another missing person in this six-episode Masterpiece Mystery! spinoff.

While visiting Amsterdam, Baptiste is pulled into the case of a vanished prostitute (Anna Próchniak) at the behest of the city’s police chief (Barbara Sarafian), his former girlfriend. Before long, he’s swept into what executive producer Susanne Simpson calls “the seedy underground world of Amsterdam’s red-light district,” where dangerous people lurk.

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The final episode of the PBS miniseries left fans with some major cliffhangers.

Shot in Europe, Baptiste, like its predecessor, is filled with twists and characters carrying boatloads of secrets. “What’s great about the show,” says Jack Williams, who cowrote the series with brother Harry, “is that the way the case begins is nothing like where we end up.”

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(Courtesy of © Two Brothers Pictures and all3media international)

Baptiste, Series Premiere, April 12, 10/9c, PBS (check local listings at pbs.org)