Tensions Flare Over Kate’s Cabin Visit in ‘This Is Us’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

In This Is Us‘ recent trilogy of episodes introduced a number of storylines that will continue to unfold in the latest installment aptly titled “The Cabin.”

Among the many timelines explored in the episode will be Kate (Hannah Zeile) and Marc’s (Austin Abrams) trip to the Pearson family cabin, which initially was cut short when he kicked her out of the car and left her on the side of the road. He ultimately picked her back up at a payphone she’d hiked to, and we have your exclusive first look at where things go from there in this week’s episode.

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From the possible start of the Big 3 rift to more trouble for Kate and Toby and more.

In the above clip, we see the couple arrive in the woods, with Kate declaring, “Well, here we are. The Pearson family cabin.”

It’s then that Marc takes another opportunity to apologize for his actions, “I’m really sorry about before,” he says, “I love you so much.” He presses on by adding the question, “You still love me, right?”

This Is Us Kate Marc

(Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Of course, Kate says yes. But the unsettling feeling that surrounds their exchange is palpable when the scene suddenly shifts to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and sons Randall (Niles Fitch) and Kevin (Logan Shroyer) tensely discussing the situation in the car. “I’m gonna kick his ass,” Kevin says of his sister’s beau.

Rebecca chides Kevin though, adding “I’m sure I’m just being paranoid.” With that, Kevin’s real opinions come out as he wonders aloud why Rebecca would allow Kate to go off with Marc alone to the cabin.

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When Randall defending their mother, tensions flare. Will they be able to reach Kate in time before something really bad happens? Check out the action in the clip above and don’t miss This Is Us when it airs Tuesday night on NBC.

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