‘SEAL Team’ EP Warns ‘Bravo Will Never Be the Same’ After Winter Premiere

SEAL Team Season 3 Winter Premiere Preview
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After a two-month hiatus, the military drama reports for duty with back-to-back episodes that send Bravo Team into the thick of it, personally and professionally. As the elite soldiers prepare to ship off to Venezuela for what seems like a straightforward assignment — rescue a CIA agent who was kidnapped by the country’s secret police — “[they’re] distracted by life-altering developments on the home front,” previews SEAL Team executive producer and showrunner Spencer Hudnut.

For leader Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), those distractions include his romance with research physiologist Natalie Pierce (Emily Swallow) and the guilt he feels for keeping his daughter (Kerri Medders) in the dark about the relationship. Meanwhile, seasoned warrior Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) is still waiting on word about his potential promotion, and Clay (Max Thieriot) is thrown for a loop after a visitor threatens his future with politico Rebecca (Adelaide Kane).

Before those matters can be handled, however, the crisis down in Caracas forces all of them to get their heads in the game. With CIA liaison Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré), Lieutenant Commander Blackburn (Judd Lormand), and Intelligence Officer Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) running point out of a nearby safe house, the team rolls in to recover the agent and two other hostages. Of course, not everything goes as planned.

“The rescue takes a perilous turn that launches our team into uncharted territory,” hints Hudnut. That goes double for Davis. Fresh off disciplinary probation for assaulting a cop in a bar and failing to inform her commanding officer of her arrest, the former petty officer has spent much of her time riding a desk. But for reasons we can’t spoil here, Davis finds herself fighting for her life.

SEAL Team Season 3 Blackburn Davis Mandy

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Trucks was all-in to show what her character is capable of. “It’s always fun to get out from behind a computer and have more [action],” she admits, adding that getting Davis, Ellis, and Blackburn in a dangerous situation “resolidifies what our positions are on the team. When things go sideways, it’s a wonderful reminder for us to be like, ‘We need that member!'”

But there may not be a team left once the dust settles, thanks to injuries, tested loyalties, and questionable calls. “SEAL Team [does] a beautiful job of trying to address not only the heat of battle but the aftermath,” Trucks notes. And this time, the horrors of war continue to haunt for the foreseeable future. “The fallout from Venezuela is devastating,” Hudnut warns. “Bravo will never be the same.”

Seal Team, Midseason Premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 9/8c, CBS