Sisters Help Struggling Homeowners Sell ‘Unsellable Houses’ on HGTV (VIDEO)

Unsellable Houses
Courtesy of HGTV

Sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis — top-selling real estate agents from the Pacific Northwest — help struggling homeowners sell their seemingly unsellable homes in HGTV’s new renovation series, Unsellable Houses, premiering Tuesday, February 4.

Lyndsay, an expert in home renovation, design and staging, and Leslie, an expert in budget and negotiations, are so confident they can sell any home that they’re willing to invest their own money to make the sale.

Courtesy of HGTV

In each episode, the sisters help a homeowner whose house has sat on the market way too long.

They calculate the cost needed renovation and then offer to invest their own money to hopefully generate a quick sale and a return on their investment.

Unsellable Houses, Series Premiere, Tuesday, February 4, 9/8c, HGTV