‘The Littlest Pet Shop’ Faces Its Most ‘Impossible’ Challenge Yet (VIDEO)

Littlest Pet Shop
Discovery Family
Littlest Pet Shop

It’s out with the old and in with the new (and “hip”)!

Saturday’s episode of The Littlest Pet Shop sees Aunt Christie struggle against competition from a dessert food truck, inspiring Blythe to call on her cousin, famous TV chef and restaurant makeover guru, Robert Irvine Bobby Destructo, for a favor. But as the exclusive clip below hints at, Bobby’s unique style might not be quite Sweet Delights style.

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Elsewhere in the Restaurant Impossible-inspired episode, Vinnie gets Sunil into trouble when he lets slip that the magical mongoose might not be the doctor his parents think he is. Luckily the rest of the pets help cover for him with a little video magic. Unfortunately, they might have to work a little harder to keep up their ruse when Sunil’s parents drop by for a surprise visit.

Watch the exclusive clip below and then tune in to The Littlest Pet Shop, Saturday, 12/11c AM on Discovery Family.