‘Chicago Fire’ Finale: Casey and Dawson Put Some Distance Between Them (VIDEO)

Chicago Fire Season Finale

What to do when Dawson (Monica Raymund) desperately wants to foster the little boy she saved in a fire and her longtime love Casey (Jesse Spencer) says he’s not ready for a kid yet? In the exclusive Chicago Fire clip below, she searches for a new place to live that’s big enough for the child—without Casey.

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It probably won’t help their growing split that newly elected Alderman Casey goes out of town on business with his new—and quite attractive—political consultant Susan Weller (Lauren Stamile), who has big plans for her latest protege.

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There’s more interpersonal trouble elsewhere in Firehouse 51 as well. Lt. Boden (Eammon Walker) and EMT Jimmy (Steven R.McQueen) are at odds over the death of Jimmy’s older brother in a fire situation that Boden was overseeing, and Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) sometime squeeze Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) has to cop with her unstable ex Grant (Guy Burnet). And yes, it’s a season finale so look for a building collapse that puts one of the house’s firefighters in jeopardy.

Chicago Fire, Season finale, Tuesday, May 17, 10/9c, NBC.