Cheers & Jeers for ‘Thrones’, ‘Bones’ and Amber Rose


Cheers150x150Cheers to Hulu for renewing The Mindy Project and The Path

We are totally happy with paying that monthly fee as long as the streaming service keeps delivering us more of TMP’s twisted rom-com kookiness and the cult drama’s WTF creepiness. But can we just get Mindy and Danny back together like, now?!

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Kaling and Aaron Paul (inset) will continue to cross streams.


Cheers to T.J. Thyne for rattling us to our Bones

We have always adored Thynes’ hilarious Hodgins, but the usually affable Jeffersonian’s slow-burn turn from denial to rage at learning that he’d never walk again has allowed the long-underrated actor to standout more than he ever has over the last 11 seasons.

Bones, TJ Thyne

TJ Thyne


Cheers to Game of Thrones for working without a net

Thanks to George R.R. Martin blowing his deadline for the next book in the GoT series, the HBO hit’s writers have been free to ramp up key plots, refocus on (or in one case, resurrect) fan-favorite characters and—fingers crossed—ditch Dorne for good. We’d also like to petition for a spin-off featuring Tyrion as the Dragon Whisperer.

Hot wings, anyone?

Hot wings, anyone?


Jeers to VH1 for giving Amber Rose a talk show

How this woman has been able to ride a bunch of rappers’ co…um, coattails to her own vehicle is as baffling as Dr. Phil lending his producing power to the project. Here’s hoping she devotes at least one episode to her oh-so-classy tweets about Kanye’s affinity for finger play.

It's the Oprah for Awful People!

It’s the Oprah for Awful People!


Jeers to New Girl’s Winston woes

In its most fun year since Season 1, why is Lamorne Morris still stuck with the weakest material? His romance with LAPD partner Nasim Pedrad was criminally rushed and just this week, he spent an episode fixating on bird shirts. BIRD SHIRTS. This guy deserves some New storylines he’s worthy of.

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Let's be honest: The cat gets better stories.

Let’s be honest: The cat gets better stories.


Jeers to Kris Jenner for her Met Gala misstep

Congrats, Morticia. The only thing uglier than a desperate need to be as famous as your kids is this look. #momyoureembarassingus

"I thought the e-vite said Mess Gala."

“I thought the e-vite said Mess Gala.”