Destination America’s Live-Stream of ‘Ann: The Haunted Doll’ Is Creepy and Boring All at Once

Destination America

I’ve seen some unusual webcams in my day, some of which have been as thrilling as watching grass grow—from the guy who has allowed you to, yes, literally watch the grass in his front yard grow for the past 11 years, to the Nessie Cam, which, if nothing else, offers a soothing view of Loch Ness even if no monster turns up—but today I’ve heard about a new live-stream that sounds like it could send shivers down the spine of anyone suffering from pediophobia (fear of dolls; I didn’t know that was a real condition, either, but I can certainly see where it stems from), but for the rest of us, perhaps not so much.

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Ann: The Haunted Doll” comes from Destination America (which is close to becoming “all-paranormal, all the time” in its programming offerings) and The Lineup, and is helping promote DA’s series Haunted Collector. As you can see in the above photo, Ann is already pretty creepy looking on her own; the prospect of her springing to life could be the stuff of nightmares.

But getting to that potential nightmare might be a long wait. While the people at the offices of The Lineup, where Ann is stored, have claimed to hear faint cries and to experience technical difficulties with the feed (oh, sure, blame Ann), I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary in the several minutes I’ve spent gazing at the doll and the digital clock next to her (look, Destination America, if I wanted to spend time slowly watching a clock tick away minutes, I’ve got my own insomnia for that).

But take a look for yourself and see if anything weird happens. If nothing else, staring at the image nonstop might eventually get your eyes to play enough tricks on you that you might sense movement. Or, if Destination America and The Lineup were smart, they might have someone periodically jump into the frame and interrupt the lulling quietness with a loud “Boo!” and guarantee a few panic attacks.

By the way, if you like having creepy things around your house and feel you can provide a loving new home for Ann, there’s a contest to win her here.