‘Bull’ EP Glenn Gordon Caron Previews Jason & Izzy Meeting Their Baby Girl

Bull Season 4 Episode 14 Izzy Jason Baby
David M. Russell/CBS

The baby is coming! We repeat: The baby is coming!

If you’ve been impatiently awaiting the birth of Dr. Jason Bull’s (Michael Weatherly) first child, you are not alone. When we last saw the trial consultant’s pregnant ex-wife, lifestyle maven Isabella “Izzy” Colón (Yara Martinez), in a November episode of Bull, she was seven weeks from her due date and already talking about getting “the science project” out of her belly.

Tonight, the happily reunited and admittedly terrified couple (above) are “at that moment in the pregnancy where they are just focused on seeing it conclude so they can get to ‘the good part’ — the birth of their baby and the beginning of their lives as parents,” says executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron. Bull, he adds, is “trying to be all things to all people,” supporting Izzy while also continuing to work on the case of a doctor accused of bribing his way into college.

While Caron is mum on how Izzy’s labor will progress, we do know the couple — who divorced years earlier after grief over her miscarriage tore them apart, then reconnected, if you will, at her father’s funeral — will have a girl. A flash-forward at the end of September’s Season 4 premiere showed their daughter 27 years in the future. Grown up and pregnant with her own child, she was celebrating New Year’s Eve with Bull and her uncle Benny (Freddy Rodriguez), who is Izzy’s brother and Bull’s best friend.

Bull Season 4 Episode 14 Izzy Birth

(David M. Russell/CBS)

The real question (besides the name) is, will the delivery make us laugh, like Bull’s recent efforts to master a baby sling, or cry? Something tells us to expect both.

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