Hey Siri! Tell Apple to Release More Cookie Monster Ads (VIDEO)

Apple Cookie Monster ad

As the father of a 16-month-old, I’ve been reminded of how funny the Muppets on Sesame Street can be, given the right material. Sure, the show is now on HBO and seems more Elmo-heavy than ever. But the old characters still spew lines that make parents laugh. Which is why I’ve fallen in love with Cookie Monster again, almost 40 years after I was part of the show’s core audience.

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The iPhone 6s ad he starred in recently is a good example. It’s the only commercial I’ll stop and watch whenever it’s on, even if I’m watching a show on my DVR. It’s just purely funny, with Cookie trying to distract himself while he waits for his cookies to bake. Despite his best efforts, including going outside, eating his mixing spoon, and doing oven mitt puppetry, less than a minute goes by. Sure, the ad is a funny way to tell you that you can have Siri set a timer for you, but it’s a clever way for you to remember that a timer exists at all.

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But as the video of outtakes below shows, they shot Cookie in more than one location. He’s eating cookies in his dining room, as well as sleeping in his bed. Are the folks at Apple holding out on us? Who the heck wants to see Jaime Foxx or even Alison Brie when you can have more Cookie Monster?

Kudos, by the way, go to David Rudman, Cookie’s current Muppeteer, who has the improv chops to be hilarious even when the slate hits Cookie in the head or Cookie tries to sleep while his googly eyes keep moving.