Best of the 2010s: Which Series Finale Will You Always Remember? (POLL)

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It’s almost the end of 2019 and the decade, so we’re taking a look back at television in the 2010s with some of the best moments, pairings, surprises, and more.

TV fans had to say goodbye to quite a few of their favorite series in the past 10 years, and, for the most part, they wrapped with satisfying finales.

Even those that didn’t left a lasting impression — whether due to the rest of the series, character moments, or what — had been building for episodes or seasons.

Take a look at the choices for the series finales that are hard to forget, and vote in the poll below.

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The series had quite the memorable moments (“We have to go back!”), and love it or hate it, the final episode paid tribute to the key relationships in the characters’ lives as they each remembered the island and their connections to one another.

Friday Night Lights

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The finale highlighted what made the series so beloved by many: Coach Taylor and Tami’s marriage and football. It was an emotional and satisfying ending to the drama.



The finale wrapped up the Bravermans’ story with Sarah’s wedding, Joel and Julia’s adoption, and a farewell to Zeek. And with flash forwards, we got to see what was still to come.

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Breaking Bad

(Ursula Coyote/AMC)

Before there was El Camino, the AMC series ended on quite the note, with Walter saving Jesse and dying — though whether he actually died would be a debate for years to come — and Jesse driving off, a fugitive.

The Office

(Chris Haston/NBC)

There was a wedding (after a kidnapping), several character returns (including Steve Carell), and one last set of interviews to wrap up the comedy. Plus, couples got their happy endings. What more could you want?

Game of Thrones

(Macall B. Polay/HBO)

The finale contained moments years in the making as fans eagerly tuned in to see who would sit on the Iron Throne and what Daenerys’ anger might lead to. Factor in another Tyrion speech, Sansa in a position of power, and dragons, and there were some moments all fans could agree were worth it.

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The Americans


It wasn’t a happily ever after for the Jennings family on the FX drama, as Philip and Elizabeth return to Russia, but without their kids (though one was supposed to join them). Plus, there was a Philip-Stan confrontation that didn’t end as some probably thought it would.

Madam Secretary

(Sarah Shatz/CBS)

After a final season full of investigations into the McCord campaign, it was so fitting that Elizabeth and her family and staff got to relax and enjoy quite the White House wedding for Stevie. Familiar faces returned, romantic choices were made, and it ended just as it should have — with the focus on what Elizabeth could do for her country and her and Henry’s solid relationship.

The Big Bang Theory

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The two episodes featured something for everyone: surprises (the fixed elevator! Penny’s pregnancy! Raj’s date!) and heartwarming moments (Amy and Sheldon’s Nobel Prize and his speech).

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(Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Donna and Harvey got married! Louis and Sheila had a baby! Mike returned and was bringing his close friends back to Seattle(?) with him! It was a tough road for everyone to get there, but they did, and we even got a well-deserved promotion for Katrina.


(Segolene Lagny/Netflix)

The fact that fans even got the finale they did is something to celebrate, given that Netflix canceled the series before bringing it back for a farewell. But it delivered a wedding and the sensates together in an ending for its followers.