Can Roxy Kick Her Drug Habit on ‘Almost Family’? Emily Osment Weighs In

Almost Family - Mustafa Elzein, Brittany Snow, Emily Osment
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Roxy Doyle, meet your rock bottom.

That’s where we find the retired gymnast, played by Emily Osment, in the midseason finale of Fox’s Almost Family. The freshman drama follows the unlikely family formed after famed fertility doctor, Leon Bechley (Timothy Hutton), is revealed to have fathered an unknown number of children while helping couples have children. Roxy is one of the “Bechley Babies” who forges a relationship with new sisters Julia (Brittany Snow) and lawyer Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke).

But as we learned in the pilot, Roxy seems to casually take drugs to help her get through the emotional stress of her fall from fame, along with a multitude of other problems that have come her way. And in the Wednesday, December 11 fall finale episode, she finally finds herself hitting rock bottom, spurring her family — old and new— to do everything they can to help her. Will they succeed?

Also in this dramatic episode, Julia faces some realities about her own fertility and Edie realizes she can’t keep waiting to tell husband Tim (Mo McRae) about her affair with Amanda (Victoria Cartagena).

(JoJo Whilden/FOX)

Here, Osment previews what we’ll see in this week’s episode and how sexual assault is a part of Roxy’s pain.

How would you describe this episode where Roxy is concerned?

Emily Osment: This episode takes place right in the middle of Roxy’s battleground. She’s fighting against herself, her addiction and with those around her who are only trying to help.

Does Roxy even realize she has a problem, despite everyone telling her that she does?

Roxy’s addiction is so engrained in her daily life. She’s been dealing with this for so long it has become a part of her. Getting sober means starting over, becoming someone else, someone she doesn’t really know anymore. She knows she has a problem, of course she does, but admitting that is the hardest step.

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Would you say her feelings for Isaac (Mustafa Elzein) are genuine or was she just using him to get drugs?

I think the two are mutually exclusive. I think she very much likes him but she also knows what he can do for her, and in this moment, that’s most important.

Who does Roxy turn to when it seems everyone turns on her?

Roxy turns to the only person who really knew her before she started using, her ex-boyfriend and coach Nick Cameron (Jeff Hephner). She knows if she runs to him he will catch her, what she doesn’t realize is that his motives are selfish, evil and have always been this way.

Watch a preview of Wednesday’s episode below:

Roxy says the drugs are for the physical pain but is it safe to say there’s some emotional pain she’s dealing with, too?

People use drugs for a myriad of reasons, but almost always they are an escape. From physical pain, from emotional pain, they create a void where she doesn’t have to think about the things that hurt her.

When Roxy’s sisters (or anyone for that matter) confront her on her problem, how does that make her feel?

Roxy has to come to this realization in her own. Only the person fighting a battle with addiction can categorize themselves as an addict. When we label someone who is struggling it creates a negative bias and that can be extremely hurtful and unproductive.

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How does Roxy feel about Leon at the start of the season?

Roxy is enamored with Leon. He’s an impressive, successful, brilliant doctor and she loves that she can claim him as her father because the man who raised her let her down so many times. Leon is an escape from her current reality because he doesn’t really know her like everyone else does. He doesn’t see her as a failure yet and she wants to keep that around as long as possible.

Did you do any research into addicts and how they might behave? You do a great job portraying it in this episode!

I spoke to a couple friends who are in recovery and that was really helpful. I also watched quite a few films on opioid addiction and some documentaries on sexual assault in the gymnastics world. Sexual assault is just as much a part of Roxy’s story as addiction, both [her addiction and assault] probably held hands while leading her to where she has finally landed. Roxy is a strong, independent, opinionated woman. She’s angry at so much in her life and heartbroken her career was taken from her and she knows she can only blame herself for that. She wants more for herself, and she can get there, first she has to free herself from the past.

Almost Family, Fall Finale, Wednesday, December 11, 9/8c, Fox