Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on ‘Ray Donovan’?

701 - Faith. Hope. Love. Luck.

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of Ray Donovan, “Faith. Hope. Love. Luck.”]

Ray Donovan kicks off its seventh season with “Faith. Hope. Love. Luck.,” but how much of the last does Mickey (Jon Voight) have?

Perhaps quite a bit. After turning himself in, Mickey ends up behind bars, and it’s during his transfer to another prison that he’s seemingly killed off, as Ray (Liev Schreiber) waits to visit his father. Or is he?

There is quite a bit of time spent focusing on the back door of the transport bus; in fact, it pops open on the road and has to be fixed at a gas station. It’s at that gas station that Mickey spots the four-leaf clover on the side of a tanker truck, and we repeatedly see him staring at it and the driver — including once they’re back on the road, and that tanker pulls in front of them.

And that truck and its driver end up being quite important. The driver has a heart attack, and the truck ends up rolling back toward — and into — the bus. That results in quite the explosion, one that clearly should have killed every person on the bus and in the immediate area. But could that broken back door have saved Mickey’s life? There had to be a reason for all that time spent on it, right?

However, we also see Mickey in the bus, staring at the truck rolling back toward them immediately preceding the collision and explosion, so it’s hard to imagine him having enough time to break out of the back door — it was secured, as seen below — and getting far enough away to not be caught up in the blast.


That being said, the preview for Episode 2 certainly makes it look like he’s dead. Bodies are removed from the bus. Ray says he’s dead. The family toasts to him. But is there more to the story than meets the eye? Mickey is all over the Season 7 previews (and looking bruised, too). It seems more likely he found a way to survive. He may even be the one Ray is punching in the trailer below.

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