Could Arrowverse’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Include a ‘Lucifer’ Star?

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Cate Cameron/ The CW; John P. Fleenor/Netflix

The upcoming Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” includes guest stars from across DC TV shows, going back years. And now there’s a rumor that there could be an appearance from a DC character you probably aren’t expecting.

According to Canadagraphs on Twitter, Tom Ellis was on set dressed as his titular Lucifer character in a scene with David Ramsey (Diggle on Arrow), Katherine McNamara (Mia on Arrow), and Matt Ryan (Constantine on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow).

This has yet to be confirmed, but it is possible that Lucifer could pop up in and fit into the crossover. After all, we’re going to see people from Birds of Prey, Smallville, and other DC series. And if Lucifer were to show up, wouldn’t it make sense for it to be in a scene with Constantine? Ryan’s character did visit hell in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, and Lucifer left at the end of his latest season to take the throne in hell. Perhaps something will happen in the crossover that requires help from someone in hell and that person will just so happen to be the devil himself.

Furthermore, while Lucifer doesn’t air on The CW — after Fox cancelled it, Netflix saved it — it and the Arrowverse shows are all Warner Bros. properties.

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And we can’t help but think about what Stephen Amell previously told TV Insider about the crossover bringing in actors from the extended DC Universe: “Oh, you have no idea…”

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