‘Prodigal Son’ Sneak Peek: What Did Jessica Know About Martin? (VIDEO)

David Giesbrecht/FOX

Did Jessica (Bellamy Young) know about Martin’s (Michael Sheen) crimes before his arrest? If you trust what Bright (Tom Payne) remembered in his chloroform haze at the end of Prodigal Son Episode 3, then she very likely did.

But as showrunner Sam Sklaver told TV Insider, “[Bright] trusts his memory, but like any good detective, he wants to verify it.” And in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s episode, it looks like he’s trying to do just that.

In “Designer Complicity,” as his childhood memories begin to take shape, Bright realizes his father’s killing spree may not have been a surprise to everyone in his family. But will he get the answers he’s looking for? That’s what he’s looking for when he visits his father.

And while Martin may be picking up on signs regarding how his son is feeling, Bright only has one question: “Did my mother know you were a serial killer before your arrest?”

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Watch the clip below to see Martin’s answer and suggestion to his son.

“You will be getting big answers in each episode,” showrunner Chris Fedak promised. With Episode 4 a “big Jessica” one, we’ll have to wait and see if any of those answers are about her.

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