Carson Kressley on Joining ‘The Price Is Right’ for Breast Cancer Awareness

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The Price Is Right is bringing awareness to an important cause with a special episode on October 1 for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Joining host Drew Carey for the special occasion is none other than Queer Eye alum Carson Kressley, who was invited to partake in a special prize package.

Below, he fills us in on the special experience, fulfilling a childhood dream, and why the occasion meant so much to him.

How did this guest appearance come to be?

Carson Kressley: I have been a huge fan of The Price is Right, like so many of us. The Price is Right was my elementary school babysitter. I would watch every day that I could. I know all of the games and all the models and, I’m a huge Bob Barker fan — I’m kind of obsessed.

When they reached out and said, “We are doing a makeover as part of the prize during our Breast Cancer Awareness month kickoff show,” I said, “How do I get involved?” I was thrilled. They asked for this service. That was kind of a perfect fit and for such a great show. My best friend is currently battling breast cancer so I know how it touches so many people’s lives and everybody is affected by cancer in some way. I thought it would be a great way to show support for her as well in a very small way.

(Credit: Eric McCandless/CBS)

As you mentioned, this episode is part of Breast Cancer Awareness, what other moments in the episode highlight that?

What was so phenomenal is that everybody in the audience is either a survivor, or currently through treatment and living with breast cancer. So it was a room full of breast cancer survivors and their supporters. It was so powerful just to see that it is something that can be defeated. That was the best part, being in the audience, having a wonderful and joyful time, and also feeling loved and supported by their friends, their family, and even the show.

What was it like getting to be part of the game-show magic of The Price Is Right?

In my career, I’ve gotten to do amazing things from winning Emmys and going to the Oscars, and meeting presidents, all of that. This was in my top five most amazing moments. It’s been so magical to go there and experience that. It was very special and a huge deal for me.

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Everyone who works there is lovely. Getting to see the games up close and personal — I mean, I was living my best life, and it was one of the most fun things, and the most impressive things, to me, that I’ve ever gotten to do.

Is it safe to say you would make another appearance if given the opportunity?

I would love to. I’d be up here every day if they’d have me. I’ll lean up against the cars, and smile, and giveaway hand bags. Come on. It’s the best job in Hollywood!

(Credit: Eric McCandless/CBS)

How did the experience differ from your recent role as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

They’re both shows that make people happy and bring joy and contestants can win big. I think one is a very classic, old-fashioned slice of Americana, and that’s The Price is Right. And then the other is kind of the modern, younger, slice of the American dream as well, where people get to be celebrated for who they are, and a light is shined on their talent. And they can also win big money.

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