3 Reasons to Binge the First 2 Seasons of ‘Snowfall’ on Hulu


The riveting drama Snowfall offers a close-up look at the origins of the 1980s crack epidemic that decimated South Central L.A. The first two seasons (a third recently ended on FX, and a fourth is on its way) have arrived on Hulu.

Here’s why it’s worth watching.

The star dazzles

Charismatic British actor Damson Idris brilliantly plays Franklin Saint (above center, with Malcolm Mays and Isaiah John), a smart kid in a suburban prep school who evolves from small-time weed dealer to hardened crack seller. Idris’ talent allows you to believe Franklin is still capable of love and regret, even though his work takes him to dark and violent places.

It’s intriguing as hell

“What sets our show apart,” says cocreator Dave Andron, “is that our dealer is going to end up working for the U.S. government.” Specifically, CIA agent Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), whose misguided mission is to fund the right-wing Contra rebels against Nicaragua’s Marxist government through drug deals with both Mexican smuggler Gustavo Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and young Franklin.

(Ray Mickshaw/FX)

The soundtrack rocks

Whether it’s Run-DMC’s “Hard Times,” Rod Stewart’s “Young Turks,” or Donny Hathaway’s “The Ghetto,” the nostalgic music always hits the right note and reflects the onscreen action.

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