‘American Ninja Warrior’ National Finals: Night 2 Successes We Loved (VIDEO)

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American Ninja Warrior Season 11 is in Las Vegas for the National Finals, and 28 athletes have successfully moved past Stage 1.

The finalists were split across two nights as they attempted to reach the cargo net and make it to the buzzer after tackling eight obstacles — Archer Alley, Spin Your Wheels, Double Dipper, Jumping Spider, Tire Run, Warped Wall, Diving Boards, and Twist & Fly — to move on.

With only two minutes and 30 seconds to complete the course, speed can hurt. But there are some who always go fast — and that clock didn’t matter.

'American Ninja Warrior' National Finals Night 1: 5 Best Runs (VIDEO)See Also

'American Ninja Warrior' National Finals Night 1: 5 Best Runs (VIDEO)

There were 12 finishers on the first night of Stage 1 of the National Finals.

Check out the highlights from the second half of the competitors who faced Stage 1 in Las Vegas.

Karsten Williams Broke His Stage 1 Curse

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Williams has failed in Stage 1 on a different obstacle each of the past five years, but he not only was able to make it past two of those in 2019 — Double Dipper and Jumping Spider — he also made a great save on Tire Run. He hit the buzzer for the first time ever after seven years of trying.

Ethan Swanson Continued Flying Through the ANW Courses

Known as “The Swan,” he had the fastest times in Cincinnati’s qualifying and finals, and he once again sped through the obstacles on Stage 1, barely taking time to rest. After a quick transition on Twist & Fly, he did have the fastest time of the night once again — until the last runner, at least.

Grant McCartney Celebrated His Triumphant Return to Stage 1

After missing out on the National Finals two years in a row by one spot, he returned to Las Vegas in 2019 — and he made it count. Though he got hung up on Spin Your Wheels and almost fell on Tire Run, he still hit the buzzer — and celebrated in style with a jump into the water.

Drew Drechsel’s Second Chance Kept Him in the Running for the Season Win

Fortunately, Drechsel had the Safety Pass from Atlanta’s city finals, because he fell on the Tire Run on his first time on the course. And with that opportunity, he was able to not only beat that obstacle (with a fist pump), but he also hit the buzzer and moved on to Stage 2.

Mathis Owhadi Got What He Wanted

“The Kid” wanted the fastest time — and he got it by more than 10 seconds. He made an impressive one-handed save on Tire Run, meaning he still has the Safety Pass for Stage 2.

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