‘Shameless’ Sneak Peek: Debbie Takes Control of the Gallagher House (VIDEO)

shameless S10 teaser 1

“Rise and shine, Gallaghers!” There’s a new Shameless matriarch and her name is Debbie (Emma Kenney).

Following the exit of Emmy Rossum‘s Fiona, the youngest Gallagher sister is stepping up to the plate as the new head of household. In an exclusive teaser from Season 10 of the Showtime series, Debbie takes charge of leadership duties by making an announcement.

“Wake up!” she proclaims while running upstairs, where she’s met by Frank (William H. Macy), Lip (Jeremy Allen White), Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), Liam (Christian Isaiah), and new houseguest Mikey O’Shea (Luis Guzman).

Debbie has cash cards loaded with $100 each, and she doles out the pieces of plastic to her family members like a casino dealer. When she gets to Frank, she pauses in handing over a card because she has something to say to him first. Find out what that is by checking out the exclusive teaser below which also includes a glimpse at a possible homecoming for Ian (Cameron Monaghan) in the outro.

If fans are expecting a huge change in Fiona’s absence, showrunner John Wells is setting the record straight.

“Once somebody leaves, it seems like a huge event, and then everyone just falls back into being who they were, and you start forgetting that they were even around,” he tells TV Insider. “And then you feel guilty about the fact that you forgot that they were gone. But the biggest impact is really on Debbie, who feels like she needs to step up and fill that role.”

(Credit: Showtime)

And while Debbie is no Fiona that won’t stop her from trying to be, even if the family doesn’t want her to. “Nobody else is too keen on the idea,” Wells adds. “Everybody else is sad that Fiona’s gone and happy that [their] boss is gone. So they don’t really want Debbie to fill that role.”

Get a hint of what’s to come with the clip below and don’t forget to tune in when Shameless returns this November on Showtime.

Shameless, Season 10 Premiere, Sunday, November 3, 9/8c, Showtime

— Additional Reporting by Kate Hahn