‘DreamWorks Archibald’s Next Big Thing’ First Look: Creator Tony Hale Meets Archibald (VIDEO)

Tony Hale and Archibald and Bea photo cred Piper Ferguson
DreamWorks Animation/Netflix

Tony Hale‘s making his next big move onto Netflix with the DreamWorks Animation series Archibald’s Next Big Thing, and TV Insider has your exclusive first look ahead of the September 6 premiere.

Voiced by Hale, the titular character is a silly chicken that embraces his misadventures and values “living in the moment.” Despite being lead astray by his undeniable curiosity and taste for new experiences, Archibald always manages to find his way back home.

In the egg-shaped abode dwells Archibald along with his three siblings Sage (Adam Pally), Finly (Jordan Fisher) and Loy (Chelsea Kane), as well as his sidekick Bea (Kari Wahlgren). The series is inspired by Hale and Tony Biaggne’s book with the same title that celebrates the journeys along the way and not just the destination.

Along with spreading the importance that living in the moment is crucial, Archibald’s Next Big Thing also sheds light on supporting the one another as well as our differences. These values are reflected in the first trailer, which is introduced by Hale and his animated character, who has a brief identity crisis when he meets his “voice.”

See all of the fun teased, from an accidental rocket ship ride to Archibald’s family life, in the trailer below, and don’t miss Archibald’s Next Big Thing when it lands on the streaming platform.

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