‘Mrs. Fletcher’ EP & Author Tom Perrotta on Eve Expanding Her World

Fall Preview

Eve Fletcher (Bad MomsKathryn Hahn, above) has one heck of a case of empty nest syndrome. When son Brendan (Jackson White) leaves for college, the middle-aged divorcée decides to shake up her life in the fictional town of Haddington, New York. She enrolls in a creative writing course — and begins surfing the seedier parts of the internet.

“Basically, she [changes] her life through porn. It gives her a kind of inspiration to do things she never would’ve thought herself capable of,” says Mrs. Fletcher executive producer Tom Perrotta, who wrote the funny yet moving novel on which the show is based.

Soon, Eve is exploring the sort of sexual fantasies she’s watching online. Meanwhile, Brendan discovers that college isn’t the party he’d anticipated.

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“Brendan is a paragon of adolescent male entitlement,” Perrotta says of the popular jock. As he’s exposed for the first time to conversations about sexual identity and the #MeToo movement, university “knocks him down a peg, while Eve finds she can make her world bigger and bolder.”

(Sarah Shatz/HBO)

Here’s to you, Mrs. Fletcher!

Mrs. Fletcher, Series Premiere, Sunday, October 27, 10:30/9:30c, HBO