‘Judge Jerry’: 3 Things to Expect From Jerry Springer’s TV Return


Order is far from the first word that springs to mind when thinking of Jerry Springer, the ringmaster of a self-titled 1991–2018 tabloid talk show.

There will, however, be order in the court when the former Cincinnati mayor, who holds a law degree from Northwestern University, oversees small-claims cases on Judge Jerry.

Here, exec producer Kerry Shannon tells us what to expect when the P.T. Barnum of daytime takes a seat on the bench.

The crazy is more controlled

Jerry takes place in a courtroom, a setting that, notes Shannon, lends itself much less to chair-throwing than Springer’s previous show. “[But] the litigants’ stories about what brought them to court are still outrageous!”

It’s not all baby-mama drama

According to Shannon, the cases come from “all over the country” and include everything from exes squabbling over property to funky financial matters. “Small-claims cases are typically breach of contract, personal injury, or property damage,” she explains.

Springer is the voice of reason

“Ultimately, people just want to be heard,” says Shannon of each episode’s participants. This show “allows the litigants to tell their story before Jerry makes his fair but firm ruling.”

(Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Should anyone display too much contempt of court, though, badass bailiff Najee Hinds is on hand. Says Shannon: “He is a former corrections officer at Rikers Island!”

Judge Jerry, Series Premiere, Monday, September 9, check local listings