TV Insider Podcast: George Takei & EP Alexander Woo Take Us Inside ‘The Terror: Infamy’

The Terror - Infamy - George Takei
George Takei in 'The Terror: Infamy'

Ready for a good fright? You’ll get exactly that on the second season of AMC’s drama series, The Terror: Infamy, which premieres Monday, August 12.

While Season 2’s story is completely separate from the first season’s, there are equal amounts of scares — both in the humanity and in the supernatural elements that start appearing in the ’40s-era Japanese internment camps. At the center is Chester Nakayama (Derek Mio), who is dealing with personal struggles while also getting the sense that something horrifying is going on following a series of bizarre deaths.

To get more insight into the show, this week’s episode of TV Insider Podcast delves deeper into the new season with executive producer/showrunner Alexander Woo (Manhattan, True Blood) and star George Takei, who plays community elder Yamato-san. Takei also serves as a consultant for the series, using his own personal experiences in the internment camps.

Also on this week’s episode, Senior Critic Matt Roush offers his take on new seasons of Succession, Mindhunter and the new CBS All Access series, Why Women Kill.

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