‘The Terror: Infamy’ Sneak Peek: Meet the Characters of Season 2 (VIDEO)

AMC’s The Terror is finally returning for its second season, titled The Terror: Infamy, and the new set of episodes brings a whole set of fresh faces.

Set during World War II, this iteration of the horror anthology brings viewers into the haunting and suspenseful story of Chester Nakayama (Derek Mio) and his family, friends, and fellow community members. When Chester and his family are forced into internment with their fellow Japanese American citizens, they’ll be faced with a malevolent spirit.

TV Insider has your exclusive sneak peek at the season with this character featurette. Offering a glimpse at a period in American history, The Terror: Infamy looks back at a time where 145,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians were forced into internment camps by their governments, solely based on their country of origin.

Their ability to persevere in times of injustice will be shown through Chester and other characters, including one portrayed by real-life internment victim and Star Trek alum George Takei. The actor plays Yamato-San, who has a key role in Chester’s quest to uncover the spirit that looms over their Terminal Island camp.

(Credit: Ed Araquel/AMC)

Ahead of the show’s premiere on Monday, August 12, check out the exclusive featurette above. And tune into The Terror: Infamy when it premieres on AMC.

The Terror: Infamy, Premiere, Monday, August 12, 9/8c, AMC