Someone’s Dead in the ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

13 reasons why season 3 trailer

It’s been more than a year since viewers caught up with the kids of Liberty High in 13 Reasons Why, but the wait is finally over. The Netflix show unveiled its Season 3 return date and trailer on Thursday, along with some other big news.

The series, which has been wrapped up in controversy since it debuted in 2017, recently edited Hannah’s infamous suicide sequence featuring star Katherine Langford. But even with the highly-debated conversation around the show’s influence on viewers, Netflix has announced that the show’s been renewed for a fourth and final season. All of this prior to the Season 3 release on Friday, August 23.

As viewers may remember, Season 2 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger when Tyler (Devin Druid) was stopped just moments before entering a school dance with the intention to open fire on his classmates. But instead of addressing this specific storyline, the newly released trailer is teasing an all-new mystery that could very well be murder.

Clay (Dylan Minnette) and friends are back with one less classmate as the teaser kicks off with a police tape. “Deputy Standall, here’s the thing about the kids at Liberty High, they’re connected by their secrets,” a voice addresses viewers in the trailer. “Connected and forever changed. The truth is, given the right circumstances, the right motivation, anyone could have done this.”

All signs lead to murder in the twisty scenes shown — so who’s dead? It appears Liberty High’s least-liked jock, Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), is the show’s latest casualty. But who did it? Plenty of the kids attending his funeral had motive to kill the known rapist.

(Credit: Netflix)

And while the police may be on their tails, Bryce’s mother Nora (Brenda Strong) wants to know the truth. “I need to know what happened to my son. If any of you know anything, please say something,” she pleads with the grieving students.

Fans can find out more at and can rest assured knowing this isn’t the show’s final chapter with the fourth season on the horizon. See the wild new trailer below and let us know who you think could have killed Bryce in the comments.

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