Michael Weatherly Will Play Dr. Phil in New CBS Pilot

Michael Weatherly
Jim Wright for TV Guide Magazine

Michael Weatherly may be leaving NCIS, but looks like he’s not straying too far from drama.

A day after the long-running series celebrated its milestone 300th episode, Deadline reports that the actor, best known for his role as wisecracking Tony DiNozzo, has been cast in the lead role of the new CBS pilot, Bull. The network announced earlier last month that the potential series would center on a young Dr. Phil, with a character named Dr. Jason Bull who heads a company called Trial Sciences, Inc. His company studies juries in order to craft defense strategies that would help clients. He’s described as someone with “a physicality, feral intelligence and bruising candor that make him magnetic to women.” Hmm…sounds like Dr. Bull isn’t a character that’s too different from the suave DiNozzo.

Dr. Phil and Paul Attansio both serve as executive producers and writers for the pilot.

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