‘Seinfeld’ Writer Apologizes if Donald Trump Is Imitating George Costanza’s ‘The Opposite’ Episode

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Seinfeld writer apologizes if Donald Trump is imitating George Costanza’s The Opposite episode

Andy Cowan, who co-wrote with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld the iconic 1994 episode in which Costanza succeeds by doing the opposite of his instincts, has been hearing a lot about the similarities between the Seinfeld episode and The Donald’s presidential campaign. “What’s interesting,” he says, “is instead of focusing on the electorate, the people, the country, Trump decided to do the opposite — focus on himself. His amazing ego, his amazing polls, the amazing size of his no longer private parts.”

Peter Gallagher boards NBC’s Cruel Intentions

He’ll play the father of Sebastian, who is described as a “sexy, beguiling, sophisticated, powerful and ruthless billionaire.” PLUS: Chad Michael Murray joins CMT’s Million Dollar Quartet, Patrick Warburton will play Lemony Snicket on Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, and Galavant‘s Joshua Sasse joins CW’s No Tomorrow.

A biological anthropologist explains why people lose their minds on The Bachelor

Helen Fisher of the Kinsey Institute, who specializes in romantic love, says: “You can be scared in a second, and you can fall in love in a second. And I think that reality TV even heightens the probability of that, because any kind of novelty drives up the dopamine system in the brain, which is what becomes activated when you fall madly in love. You’re in a situation in which the whole world is watching you — it’s very novel, it’s very exciting.” PLUS: Emily Maynard on why Bachelor women fall for a guy they don’t necessarily like, and Chris Harrison jokes about having “sexual tension” with Amy Schumer.

Cinemax renews Robert Kirkman’s Outcast months before its premiere

Season 1 isn’t kicking off for nearly 3 months, on June 3, but Outcast will be back for a second season.

Which famous movie star is killed off on AMC’s Preacher?

The pilot, screened today at SXSW, shows a stunning throwaway gag.

John F. Kennedy’s granddaughter is starring in a web series from Lorne Michaels

Rose Schlossberg, Caroline Kennedy’s daughter, co-created and is starring in End Times Girls Club, which is produced by the SNL honcho’s Above Average Productions. End Times Girls Club cheekily teaches how to prepare for the apocalypse by making sure your makeup is right.

Amy Poehler shamed by the city of Beverly Hills for wasting water during a drought

According to the L.A. Times, the city publicly revealed that Poehler used 170,000 gallons of water between May and July last year.

Lawsuit claims Judge Judy is losing money while paying her $47 million a year

Rebel Entertainment Partners claims it is owed money from the hit syndicated courtroom show.

Is Ian McShane right? Is Game of Thrones just “t*ts and dragons”?

The NY Observer delved into McShane’s recent comments about spoilers and determined he’s only half-right: “There isn’t THAT many dragons.”