What Does This ‘Arrow’ Set Pic Tell Us About the Final Season? (PHOTO)

You Have Saved This City
Dean Buscher/The CW

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser with the teases for Arrow Season 8.

First, we learned the premiere is titled “Starling City,” a name by which Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) home hasn’t been called in years (in the present or the future). And now, Amell has posted a photo from set of the Queen mansion with the tease, “Blast from the past! Blast from the past? Blast from the present?”

Considering the house was burned down, and the last time it was seen in Season 7, no one was attempting to rebuild it, there has to be a twist. And while time travel seems like a possibility, given the set and the premiere title (and still could happen at some point in the final season), there may be another explanation.

We have to also keep in mind the last part of Amell’s tweet — and that Colin Donnell, who played Tommy, and Josh Segarra, who played Chase, are returning in the final season. Both characters are dead on Oliver’s Earth.

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What if this is a glimpse at the Queen mansion on another Earth, one where Tommy and Chase are both alive and the city was never renamed? That would explain how the behind-the-scenes photo could be from a present-day scene rather than a flashback.

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