'Yellowstone Live': A 4-Night Live Event on National Geographic & Nat Geo WILD

Yellowstone National Park - Studio and Production Compound from Yellowstone Live. (National Geographic)

June is one of the most dynamic times of year in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Life emerges from months of bitter-cold winter. Flowers are blooming, rivers are rushing and Yellowstone is bustling with new life.

It will all unfold for our enjoyment on Yellowstone Live, airing Sunday, June 23, and continuing over the following three evenings on two networks, National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD.

Yellowstone National Park - Pika on rock. (National Geographic)

As Yellowstone National Park and its environs awaken, cougar cubs venture out from their underground dens, black bear cubs learn to hunt and bison must protect their young calves from hungry predators. There’s spontaneous drama unfolding everywhere at every moment.

Yellowstone National Park - Four bison walking across the landscape. (National Geographic)

Yellowstone Live returns for a second season with more animals, cameras and live locations showcasing wildlife from one of America’s most cherished national parks and its surrounding areas. Taking place across three states — Montana, Idaho and Wyoming — the four-night event, which garnered 13 million viewers in its debut last summer, covers the expanse of nearly 3,500 square miles of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, one of the largest nearly intact environs on Earth.

Yellowstone National Park - Grant the bear. (National Geographic)

Returning to co-host the live broadcast is Josh Elliott (CBS News, Good Morning America), and animal expert, zoologist and naturalist Chris Packham (Earth Live), both reporting live from National Geographic’s wilderness home base at West Yellowstone’s Bar N Ranch. Jenna Wolfe (First Things First, Today) serves as the roving reporter throughout the live programming.

Yellowstone National Park - Jenna Wolfe with Forest Service team. (National Geographic)

Elliott, Wolfe and Packham, supported by eight live crews, give viewers unprecedented access to prime locations throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem — from the Gallatin Mountain Range, Lamar Valley, Grand Prismatic Spring to Old Faithful and many more iconic and hidden locations.

This four-night event brings back Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Bob Poole (Earth Live) and revered wildlife cinematographer Susan Gibson (Planet Earth II) to showcase the park’s spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Based north in the park, Poole plans to capture footage of herds of bison and elk with their newborns as they take their first steps and try to cross fast-flowing rivers while Gibson sets her sights on Grizzly 399 — the most famous wild grizzly bear in the world as she proudly parades her beautiful two cubs in Grand Teton National Park.

Yellowstone Live, Premiere, Sunday, June 23, 10/9c, Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD