‘Life in Pieces’ Boss on What to Expect From the Series Finale

Life In Pieces

The offbeat Shorts of Life in Pieces sign off after four seasons with a family vacation episode shot in the Bahamas (above: Dan Bakkedahl, Betsy Brandt, Giselle Eisenberg, Holly J. Barrett, Niall Cunningham and Hunter King), then the farewell half hour.

It should be noted that exec producer Justin Adler notes the episode was “never designed as a series finale.”

Requests for free babysitting from matriarch Joan (Dianne Wiest) “test the limits of unconditional love,” Adler says — and son Matt’s (Thomas Sadoski) far-away work opportunity, minus wife Colleen (Angelique Cabral) and adopted son Lucas (Vivaan Bisio), tests him too.

(Credit: John P. Filo/CBS)

“Just as he finally has a family, a dream job threatens to separate him from those he loves most. It felt real to us.”

Life in Pieces, Series Finale, Thursday, June 27, 9/8c, CBS