Jack Wagner & Josie Bissett on the ‘Feeling & Heart’ in ‘Wedding March 5’s Ending

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It only took 25 years and five movies, but Olivia and Mick finally took that all-important next step in their relationship.

My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 is the latest installment in the Hallmark series. After Mick (Jack Wagner) and Olivia (Josie Bissett) were apart for years, they found their way back to each other in the first film, and in the fifth, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of their first date — and each had big plans. He remembered every detail of their picnic all those years ago, and she gave him a scrapbook filled with memories, including from that afternoon.

'Wedding March 5': Josie Bissett & Jack Wagner on Olivia and Mick Being 'Two Feet In'See Also

'Wedding March 5': Josie Bissett & Jack Wagner on Olivia and Mick Being 'Two Feet In'

Their characters are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first date in the latest film in the series.

But in the end, it was Mick who stole the show when he proposed. “It’s time, our time,” he told her. “You’ve always been the best parts of my past, and I know you’ll always be the best part of my future.” Of course she said yes!

Neither actor had any “preconceived” ideas about how they wanted the proposal to play out for their characters. “I think that’s why we work so well together,” Wagner told TV Insider. “It all just sort of happens. We have to really hear each other’s voice, rehearse it a bit, and it’s all really natural. It just is a very natural type of chemistry we have. I haven’t really experienced that a whole lot. It’s fun-loving. I think we look good together on camera — I think that that helps — and they each sort of bring out something magical in one another.”

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That being said, Bissett pointed out that Wagner “thought it was important that there was less dialogue and more feeling with the looks at each other” because “sometimes you say everything with [an] expression instead of words.”

“It’s… really more about the feeling and the heart these two have for one another,” Wagner added. “I think we both work towards that. We can always feel if there’s too much dialogue or if things are over-spoken.” Because Wagner is as an executive producer on the series and the film’s director, Mike Rohl, worked closely with the actors, they could adjust things on set as needed.

Most importantly, the actors trust one another. “If you don’t trust who you’re working with, it’s going to come across in the chemistry,” Bissett said.

“Trust is like if there’s a line-reading or if there’s just something that happens, if I do something and Josie says, ‘What if you try… ‘ or vice versa,” Wagner explained. “We’re really open and available to the other one because we know each other so well.”

And now that Mick and Olivia are engaged, is it time for their own wedding instead of only watching other couples get married at the inn? The actors hope there’s a Wedding March 6.

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If there are more movies in the series, they’d also like to explore Duke’s (Aaron Pearl) life. “Duke is completely a catalyst for our health and well-being, that’s it,” Wagner laughed, but agreed, “That would be a good storyline down the road, right? Duke [gets] a love interest.”