Should Elizabeth Choose Lucas or Nathan on ‘When Calls the Heart’? (POLL)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 6 finale of When Calls the Heart, “Two of Hearts.”]

Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) may be ready to move on after losing Jack (Daniel Lissing) on When Calls the Heart, but which man will win her heart: saloon owner Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) or Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry)?

This season has hinted at the potential for either man to become her next new significant love interest, but it appears that Lucas may have the edge after the finale. Hope Valley celebrates its Founder’s Day Festival, and she shares moments with each, but the episode ends with the odds seemingly in the saloon owner’s favor. The last event of the day is a dance, and when it’s ladies’ choice, it sets up Elizabeth to pick between the two men.

Neither has another possible partner, but it’s Lucas Elizabeth approaches. But as they dance, she sees Nathan in the doorway, alone, and they exchange a look before the Mountie leaves. She may be dancing with Lucas, but that doesn’t mean Nathan is out of the running.

“I hoped to develop these two new, very different characters in such a way that both would be worthy of Elizabeth’s love,” executive producer Alfonso H. Moreno told ET. She makes the choice she does because in addition to being “charming, witty, vulnerable, and good-hearted,” Lucas “pursued her a little bit more than Nathan did.”

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But the EP also made it clear that Elizabeth hasn’t made her choice yet between the two, and he wasn’t even sure that will happen in Season 7. “I believe that there is a lot of humor, romance, and emotion that can arise from Lucas and Nathan seeking to win Elizabeth’s heart and Elizabeth having to decide who is the better man for her,” he said.

Elizabeth grew closer to both Lucas and Nathan throughout the season since they first arrived in Hope Valley. She has watched and helped Nathan with his niece, Allie, and after a couple conversations about the matter, has moved on from her life being in danger because of Lucas’ past. She and Lucas also worked together on the library that opened during the festival, but she and Nathan also shared a moment when he brought her a gift for the addition to the town.

Though the two men haven’t been overtly in competition with one another, they do test their strength in one of the festival games, only for Carson (Paul Greene) to be the one to ring the bell and win the fishing pole for Allie in front of Elizabeth.

Both men have their pros and their cons — Nathan comes across as a bit more clean-cut, but he is a Mountie, just like Jack was, while Lucas and Elizabeth have been bonding over books — so it’s not necessarily that easy of a choice, for Elizabeth or fans. Moreno “hoped that the social media fan base would be engaged enough to be split as to who was the worthiest choice,” and they are.

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