LEGO Turns ‘Stranger Things’ Upside Down With Awesome New Set

75810_Front_01 LEGO

Well, this should help fill some of the time while we wait for Stranger Things, Season 3.

LEGO has just announced that they will be releasing The Upside Down, a crazy-cool, highly detailed set that flips between the Netflix hit’s two worlds: Ours and the Upside Down.

Recreating the Byers’ house, users will build Will’s bedroom, dining room, and living room — complete with the Christmas-light alphabet wall, couch, coffee table, telephone, axe and a bear trap. Because, you know, Demogorgons.

The attic area includes a Mind Flayer drawing stickered element and a wizard hat for “Will the Wise” and outside, of course, Chief Hopper’s police truck (which includes a removable roof and a pumpkin!)

The Upside Down version of the house features all the dark vines and dilapidated vibes of the show’s grim alternate dimension. And in keeping with its name, the construction is literally beneath the house so you can turn it over for whatever world you’re feeling. The design also means that both sides can be constructed at the same time for a shared building experience.

There are eight minifigures packed inside and all of the humans (sorry, Demogorgon) that come along for the scary fun are toting their own show-specific accessories. Lucas has his slingshot and flashlight, Dustin and Mike each have their walkie talkies, Hopper gets a coffee mug, Joyce has her flashlight and a drawing of ‘Will the Wise’, and Eleven, of course, brings her beloved waffle.

Overall, we’re talking a full spread of awesome collectibility made of over 2,200 pieces that, when completed, measures over 12 inches tall and 17 inches wide.

The set will be available directly from LEGO Stores and starting on June 1, 2019, but LEGO VIP members can snap it up beginning this Wednesday, May 15.