Should ‘American Idol’s Current Judges Return for Season 18? (POLL)

ABC/Eric McCandless

American Idol‘s life onscreen will continue for a third season at ABC and 18th overall, as the network renewed the series Monday.

The singing competition series, which debuted on Fox back in 2002, has remained a pop culture mainstay but its ever-rotating panel of judges has also been a big part of its history. As ABC heads into its third season with the program, the question remains as to whether Luke Bryan, Katy Perry or Lionel Richie will continue to fill those roles.

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The contestants brought their A-game for Elton John night.

The judges panel has yet to sign new deals for the third season and considering their busy careers as active musical artists there’s a good chance new faces could fill their seats. As of now, ABC is reportedly attempting to set its deals with the hosts, but will it be the right choice to keep them on?

During the current Season 17, fans have had a mixed reaction on the judges, especially when it came to their choices for saving contestants, as well as their seeming lack of constructive criticism. And the viewers haven’t been shy on social media about these feelings, so it’s safe to say their concerns have likely been heard by the network.

Most recently, fans rebelled against the judges when they didn’t save audience favorite Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, opting instead to keep Laci Kaye Booth in the competition.

Should Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie return as judges for American Idol‘s next season? Let us know in the poll below and don’t miss the final episodes on ABC.

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