The Biggest Stars on TV #3: Ted Danson

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Ted Danson shot to TV stardom with his breakthrough role as bartender Sam Malone on Cheers in 1982…and he’s stayed in the stratosphere ever since.

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The TV personality is unstoppable.

It’s hard to say if the NBC comedy would have become a classic without Danson — and harder to imagine. Think of him as the secret in the sauce, making every show that much better. Take Curb Your Enthusiasm. As a sly version of himself, Danson provided the perfect contrast to Larry David‘s walking ball of anxiety.

In 2011, CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was already a hit. But when Danson joined the cast for its 12th season, even those of us who tend to scoff at procedurals had to check it out.

The Good Place (Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

So, what is it about the guy? Sure, he’s handsome and has charm to spare. But his real superpower is the versatility of that charm. Whether he’s playing a womanizing, washed-up ballplayer (Cheers), an irredeemable tyrant (Damages) or a boozy magazine editor (Bored to Death), you just can’t help but like him. Even as a demon (on The Good Place), he oozes charm.

It’s no wonder everybody knows his name.

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