‘The 100’ Are Waking Up to a Whole New World in the Season 6 Trailer (VIDEO)

The CW

This is why we can’t have nice things!

After nuking Earth (again) and about 125 years in cryo-sleep, the surviving members of The 100 are waking up to a whole new world. And it looks gorgeous! There’s all sorts of bright colors, landscaping, EDM clubs, a couple suns, a happy twirly Clarke (Eliza Taylor). Apparently even a shower or two. It’s nice, this Sanctum place — at least, that’s what we think it’s called, based on what J.R Bourne’s robed and President Snow-y character says at the end of this four-minute trailer.

But of course, where ever this squad goes, so too does horror, destruction and filth, and it doesn’t take long for the darkness to emerge… fittingly from an eclipse. And from there, we get to the gritty, harrowing stuff that is awaiting the gang in their long-awaited sixth season.

This batch of episodes will introduce a slew of new characters (some surely to die in horrific ways), reshape certain ships, send Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) even further into a life of being covered in blood, and most likely piss off some portion of the fandom along the way.

It feels like we’ve been waiting about 125 years for this trailer to arrive and honestly, after seeing this jam-packed trailer, the wait for April 30 now feels just as arduous. Check it out.

The 100, Season 6 Premiere, Tuesday, April 30, The CW