Carlin Bates Teases a Hair-Raising Episode of ‘Bringing Up Bates’

Bringing Up Bates
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TV Insider caught up with Carlin Bates of the UPtv series Bringing Up Bates to check in with the sweet reality star and to get the scoop on this week’s new episode.

In the episode premiering Thursday, March 14, Katie considers cosmetology school; the Bates family helps Tori and Bobby decorate the nursery for their soon-to-be-newborn son; and Gil sends Kelly Jo a sweet birthday surprise from afar.

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Carlin shares some behind-the-scenes info from the episode and talks about life as a member of the Bates family.

In the March 14 episode, Katie takes cosmetology classes, and she’s nervous because cosmetology is an area where Josie has already excelled. How does your family work to keep competition at bay?

Carlin Bates: I think a huge part of this was my parents, because a lot of us are so close in age that we’re doing a lot of the same things. Whether it’s music, or hair, or cosmetology—as in Josie and Katie. But really, it’s not about, “Am I better than this one?” or, “Am I the best?” But really, it’s about getting on as a team, as a unit of a family supporting each other no matter where they’re at in that stage of life.

But when it’s game night, my family is very competitive. We just make sure that we compete in fun ways. But when it comes down to real life, we all try to give support to each other and think, “I’m going to be happy with what you do and how you succeed, no matter what it is, or wherever I am at life.”

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Are you excited to be Katie’s cosmetology guinea pig, or nervous?

When Josie first went into cosmetology, I think all of us were so excited. We were like “Yay, free haircuts!” So when Katie decided to do this, whether she decides to continue in nursing, or just does this, we were excited, too. I actually was like, “Katie, you are a natural at hair. You have to go for this.”

I couldn’t be more excited, because I am reaping all the benefits. We are in the same room every morning, and I’m like, “Don’t you want to do my hair today?” or, “Will you do my makeup today?” And she’s like, “Of course! I need to practice this for this test, or that test.” So, really, I probably love it the most because I’m getting the most out of it.

Also in this week’s episode, Erin helps Tori prepare her baby’s room; what can you share about Erin’s knack for decorating on a budget?

Erin is so very talented in decorating. We all tell her that she needs to go into design and start a business because she is so incredibly good. So, of course, with Tori and Bobby expecting Baby Kade, they wanted to have a baby’s room, and Erin was like, “I’m so excited!!” My family actually drove up to Bobby and Tori’s apartment, and Erin came up with a really unique plan for decorating it. I don’t know how she gets her ideas, but she think up ways to make everything different, and she’s so talented at it.

Carlin Bates

I actually didn’t get to be there in person, but when I watched the show, I was like “Are you kidding me?!?” Who would have thought of this whole backdrop idea? It looks like the most adorable little baby room. Erin is kind of the headmaster of it, and watching my brothers taking orders from her was fun. Lawson and some of the guys don’t like to read the instructions, so I’m sure a lot of comedy went on behind-the-scenes trying to make Baby Kade’s room.

This episode also features your mom’s birthday! Although your parents are apart, your dad still finds a sweet way to make your mom’s day special. Why do you love seeing how deeply your parents care for each other?

I think my parents are our role models. In my relationship with Evan, and so many of my siblings’ relationships, the love that they have for each other is what, I think, everybody dreams of having.

When it was my mom’s birthday, Dad always tries to do something to make her feel loved and important, and to know how much he truly treasures her. I’m always taking tips or lessons from it, and my fiancé is, too. When my dad surprised Mom with the biggest bouquet of roses, and flowers, and balloons, even though he couldn’t be there, he was there at heart. I thought that was so sweet and romantic.

Why is your mom so deserving of a special day?

I could go on all day. I really do not know how she keeps everything together: raising her kids, schooling, and cooking, and cleaning, and her relationship with her husband, and church, and friends — it’s endless! Life pulls her in so many directions, but still, she finds the time to make each one of us children and grandchildren feel so important. Each one of us feels like we are the most important person on Earth. I love that quality about her, and that’s something I would like to have with my kids one day, too.

Next week, Carlin Bates will be back here to preview the Bringing Up Bates episode where we discover Addallee’s strength, Trace investigates a career and Josie decorates her apartment.

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