Roush Review: Ruth Wilson Delivers a Tremendous Performance in ‘Mrs. Wilson’

Mrs. Wilson - Ruth Wilson
Steffan Hill/PBS

In a role she was truly born to play — that of her own late grandmother, Alison — Ruth Wilson (The Affair) delivers a tremendous performance of mounting hysteria, despair and fury as she searches for elusive truths about a husband who lived in a world of deceit.

There’s little time for mourning in this gripping two-part Masterpiece drama when, after 20 years of marriage to celebrated spy novelist Alec Wilson (Game of Thrones Iain Glen), the newly widowed Alison opens the door to another woman claiming to be his wife. The mystery quickly deepens as Alison confronts Alec’s former colleagues in British intelligence, who hold tight to their secrets.

Turns out his undercover assignments may have had double meanings, and as the deceptions mount, Alison can’t stop wondering how could he, and why did he?

To shield her grown sons from the sordid facts, she concocts her own web of lies, leading to a moving crisis of faith and a reckoning with the ghost of a man she may never entirely know.

Mrs. Wilson, Series Premiere, Sunday, March 31, 9/8c, PBS (check your local listings)