‘Hoarders’ Returns With an In-Depth Look at Hoarders in Crisis

Screaming Flea Productions Copyright 2019

You might not be a hoarder if you lose your keys under a pile of junk mail. You are a hoarder if you can’t find your dog under that mess.

The Emmy-nominated and Critics Choice Television Award-winning series, Hoarders, is back for a 10th season on A&E on March 5. In each two-hour episode, the show tackles the biggest, most extreme hoarders in the country and takes an in-depth look at what goes into dealing with a hoarding crisis.

Photo by Screaming Flea Productions Copyright 2019

The long-running docuseries explores the struggles and treatment of people who suffer from compulsive hoarding habits, the inability to part from even the most insignificant of possessions.

The first episode of the new season revolves around couple Andy and Becky and their 200-plus tons of hoard. They both feel they have the right to live however they choose, but their city’s government sees it differently. If Andy and Becky don’t respond to professional help, they’re facing possible jail-time and losing their home.

Photo by Screaming Flea Productions Copyright 2019

The Hoarders team of experts come together to help the family understand the impact of this devastating mental disorder while racing against the clock to help clean the mess and avert crisis. The show also provides aftercare: giving hoarders the chance to keep working in therapy and/or with an organizer.

Compulsive hoarding is an extremely emotional and difficult disorder, and by sharing these personal stories, it may allow others to realize they are not alone.

Hoarders, Season 10 Premiere, Tuesday, March 5, 8/7c, A&E