‘Walking Dead’ Alum Chandler Riggs Reveals Why He Joined ‘A Million Little Things’

Chandler Riggs
David Bukach/ABC

Chandler Riggs is best known for playing Carl Grimes on the very popular show The Walking Dead, but he’s ready for a new challenge on A Million Little Things.

The actor chose the ABC drama as his first post-Walking Dead gig, but it wasn’t just because the show is popular. In fact, Riggs said yes because of the storyline and his character’s struggle with depression.

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He plays, Gary Mendez, a breast cancer survivor on the ABC drama series.

The character of PJ was introduced when he found a script written by Rome (Romany Malco) in the hospital waiting room. The pair then connected over of their depression, a topic focused upon in the screenwriter’s project.

“I read it and instantly loved it. It was just me. Everything just felt very natural and real about it. Right after I got the audition, I started watching the show and I fell in love with it,” Riggs told Us Weekly.

“I knew I had to be a part of it. It’s so real and so impactful. That’s something that me and many others in and the world have gone through.”


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Not only does A Million Little Things shed light on the importance of mental health, the show also helps people suffering from depression to not feel so alone.

“It’s something I can relate to pretty strongly and I think that’s kind of the main reason that I wanted to take on PJ,” Riggs shared.

“He’s a character that is going through stuff that I’ve gone through before in my life, and I think that it’s really important for people to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is life after what you’re going through, that you can get through it. It’s something I really wanted to be a part of and help share a story like that.”

A Million Little Things, Thursdays, 9/8c, ABC