‘Caught in Providence’: Widow Shocks Judge Caprio & Gives Us All the Feels (VIDEO)

Caught in Providence

An upcoming episode of the syndicated series Caught in Providence is giving us all the feels when a brave widow pays it forward in the courtroom.

In the Feb. 18 episode, Judge Frank Caprio shows compassion to a grieving woman, and she surprises everyone by paying it forward with an empathetic gift to a family in need.

Check it out and prepare to cry!

Caught in Providence shows real-life court cases inside the Rhode Island courtroom of big-hearted Judge Caprio, where he hears cases involving traffic and parking fines, and arraignments for criminal offenses.

Caprio’s brand of kind, forgiving and no-nonsense approach to justice has made him a trusted and beloved member of his community, and a viral sensation. He often shares words of wisdom, encouragement and enlightenment with his defendants and says, “I don’t have a badge under my judicial robe, I have a heart. I try to treat people that come before me the way my parents taught me, with dignity and respect.”

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The CBS court show is closing in on 25 years on the air.

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Caught in Providence, syndicated nationwide