‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Teases McGee’s High School Flashback Episode

Ali Goldstein/CBS

Special Agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray), a cybercrime expert, hits “return” in the February 19 episode of NCIS as he revisits his California high school — seems a computer password he used as a teen is connected to a Department of Defense contractor’s murder.

“A lot of flashbacks [to the early ’90s] show him as a 16-year-old,” says Murray. “He was building computers and into science but had hard times in school and with his parents.”

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Below, Murray downloads more info.

What did you learn about how McGee’s past laid the groundwork for his life today?

Sean Murray: I was surprised to see that his early delving into technology involved a quasi-girlfriend who was also a techie and helped him.

Did you give any guidance to the actor playing high school-age Tim?

I talked to him twice. I didn’t want to overwhelm him with, “This is what I do.” He looked quite a bit like a 16-year-old Sean!

Charles Tyler Kinder as teen Tim (CBS)

Were you into tech as a kid?

Funny enough, I built three computers using books for reference. It wasn’t so complicated then. I wasn’t welding microchips!

After McGee comes back to D.C., the case escalates when an intruder breaks into the family condo. How does he handle that?

It’s a big deal, and he treats it as such. I love doing domestic McGee. He rules work territory, but at home, [wife] Delilah [Margo Harshman] wears the pants. Margo is such a joy. We sit getting our hair and makeup done and run lines.

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What was the most fun scene to shoot in this episode?

The team in the condo processing the crime scene. It was a mixture of work and domestic worlds we hadn’t done. The condo has seen a lot of action: shootings, bodies under the floorboards. We have a fun moment where they discuss some of that, which McGee has kept from

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