Discovery’s ‘Border Live’ Shows Viewers ‘All Sides of the Border’ (VIDEO)

Courtesy Discovery

America’s borders have certainly been large on people’s minds in recent years, thanks to the current political climate. And the Discovery series Border Live offers an unfiltered look at that topic.

Border Live takes viewers up close and shows the day-to-day goings-on, which include confiscating contraband and apprehending those who try to cross into the country illegally.

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Of course, there are many different perspectives about how our borders should be controlled, but retired Chief Inspector with the U.S. Marshal Service Lenny DePaul tells TV Insider, “I think that the series highlights what is really happening down at the border from a variety of different lenses without any filter.”

DePaul offers his expertise to the show from time to time, and he certainly is an expert. “The government has owned me since out of high school – I was in the Navy, then secret service, then served as a U.S Marshals,” he says. “I can’t sing or dance, this is all I know, and it gets in your blood.”

He wants viewers to know that border patrol isn’t made up of emotionless workers. “These law enforcement agents are human beings, they live just like everyone, they run home to their kids’ soccer games and come back to work and feel for migrants wanting to come to U.S to get a better life to support their families.”

People looking for a true representation of the border need look no further as DePaul reiterates, “When you are consuming news or hearing reports from the White House, you are getting their side of what is going on. But being live is a whole different look and you can’t alter this reality.”

At the end of the day, DePaul hopes that “people understand how tough it is for anyone in law enforcement to uphold what they took an oath to do. When you are watching this show you are going to see what happens on all sides of the border.”

For a look at what DePaul is talking about, check out the clip below with investigative journalist and field correspondent Lilia Luciano exploring one of the border’s tunnels.

Border Live, Wednesdays, 9/8c, Discovery Channel