‘Pretty Little Liars’: Will Aria Accept Her Dad’s Unexpected Wedding Idea? (VIDEO)

Pretty Little Liars

Holy mother of memory lane. Pretty Little Liarsis dipping back into the early days of Montgomery misery next week when Byron (Chad Lowe) sits down with Aria (Lucy Hale) for one awkward meet-and-eat.

In the exclusive clip below, Pops asks his little liar to officiate his upcoming re-nups to her mother (Holly Marie Combs), now that the estranged twosome have reconciled and are headed back down the aisle. Too distracted by her yummy salad and whatever else is weighing on her mind—maybe it’s that novel she’s secretly writing as Ezra?—Aria initially declines the idea of becoming ordained online, stating little brother Mike might feel left out of the occasion.

Given that Mike tends to vanish for seasons at a time, has been entirely absent since the show’s time jump and actor Cody Christian is busy raising vaguely homoerotic hell as d-bag werehunk Theo on Teen Wolf, it’s no surprise that Byron has a feeling the kid isn’t gonna be around for the wedding, anyway. But it doesn’t help that Mike could also still be carrying around a major resentment from way back when Byron was the absolute last candidate for Rosewood’s Father of the Year.

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Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday at 8/7c on Freeform.