Adam Levine Addresses DeAndre Nico’s Controversial ‘Voice’ Elimination

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Trae Patton & Tyler Golden for NBC

Last week, The Voice viewers were brought on an emotional roller coaster when fan favorite DeAndre Nico was eliminated.

The singer, who was part of coach Adam Levine‘s team, wasn’t saved when he landed in the bottom three during the Top 10 Performances week. DeAndre was one of two from Team Adam in that unfortunate group, but Adam instead focused on pleading to viewers to save 14-year-old Reagan Strange over his other team member.

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The longtime coach sparked major controversy on social media during Tuesday night's Top 10 eliminations.

The controversy had largely to do with Reagan not performing for the Instant Save, as she was suffering with some sort of illness. Adam claimed that she still deserved a chance (seemingly over DeAndre), and fans were not pleased.

After many felt he didn’t stick up for his contestant, Adam addressed the situation during Monday night’s Top 8 Performances. When it came time for a one-on-one chat with Reagan, Adam didn’t hesitate in bringing up DeAndre.

Reagan Strange

“It was a strange week, but it’s over now. DeAndre’s my boy,” Levine said. “I love him. We talked.”

Considering the success of The Voice‘s talented contestants, it’s easy to assume that fans haven’t seen the last of DeAndre Nico. As with past seasons he’s likely to return during the finale episode — at least fans can hold out some hope.

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