The 10 Weirdest Super Bowl Commercials of the Past 15 Years


You’ve read about the Super Bowl’s best commercials. And you’ve read about the Super Bowl’s worst commercials. Now check out our list of the 10 weirdest advertisements to air alongside the big game so far this century. And then, quickly, wash your brain out with soap.

Beck’s Sapphire (2013)

To advertise their smooth new Pilsener, the famous German beer brand went with a…raven goldfish singing Blackstreet’s 1996 hit, “No Diggity.”

Fiat 500x (2015)

Leave it to the Italians: A randy old man’s last remaining Viagra pill accidentally falls into the gas tank of a passerby’s Fiat, causing it to morph into a supercharged version of itself that makes female onlookers swoon.

Loctite Glue (2015)

As wonderful as it is weird, this reggae-scored super glue ad uses the art of dance (and the silliness of grown people in fanny packs) to celebrate sticking stuff together.

Hummer H3 (2006)

A chance meeting between a giant robot and a Godzilla-like super monster ends in love and a Hummer. Not that kind, the car kind—get your mind out of the gutter and watch this ad.

Audi A3 (2014)

There’s good weird (see Loctite Glue’s dancers above). Then there’s bad weird (see the Garmin map monster below). And then there’s stupid weird, like this hybrid car commercial featuring a couple that imagines crossbreeding a Doberman and a Chihuahua to create the large-headed, small-bodied “Doberhuahua.”

Dockers (2010)

As viewers, what do we want to do to this group of men walking around bare-legged and singing about how they don’t wear pants? Force them to wear pants. Like, right away. Nice one, Dockers!

Pepsi (2001)

Politician Bob Dole stands up for Pepsi in an ad reminiscent of his old Viagra testimonials. Though, technically, in the latter’s case, it wasn’t him that did the standing.

Garmin (2007)

Another reason to trash your paper maps: They can turn into monsters with terribly annoying theme songs.

Sobe Life Water (2008)

Model Naomi Campbell has about as much rhythm as a lizard dancing on its hind legs. And here’s the proof!

Super Bowl Babies (2016)

Americans of all ages sing about that time their parents had unprotected sex after watching a football game. So, no matter what your therapist says, your daddy technically did love the Giants before he loved you.

— Additional reporting by Michal Schick