Jennifer Garner is a Woman on the Edge in HBO’s ‘Camping’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Anne Marie Fox/HBO

HBO is going Camping with Jennifer Garner in the newly released trailer for the upcoming comedy.

Garner stars as Kathryn, a woman celebrating her husband Walter’s (David Tennant) 45th birthday on a camping trip that includes a range of friends. Created by GirlsLena Dunham and Jenni Konner, Camping is a comedy surrounding the group outing with a number of different variables that throw off the overtly organized Kathryn.

In the trailer, Garner’s character is immediately pegged as the planner as she circles around the camp site with a binder in hand. “This place has it’s own magic, I think you’re going to love it,” Bridgett Everett’s character says with her arm wrapped around Kathryn.

Kathryn’s need for control of the situation become even more apparent when the group heads to the lake for a swim. “Guys, eyes on me. I’m the only certified life guard present,” she says as she waves to them all from shore.

Tension continues to build as the other characters attempt to separate from their unofficial “camp director.” Stars Juliette Lewis, Brett Gelman, and Ione Skye also feature heavily in the nearly two-minute trailer.

Things take a serious turn though as Garner’s character narrates, “the weird thing about life, you can feel fine but also know that you’re a ticking time bomb.” The following sequences suggest utter chaos as time goes on, from passive aggressive stances to people falling through ceilings, as well as some choice hand gestures.

Check out all of the craziness in the full segment below.

Camping, Series Premiere, Sunday, October 14, 10/9c, HBO