Go Behind the Scenes of the Shawn Hatosy-Directed ‘Animal Kingdom’ Episode (PHOTOS)

Shawn Hatosy directing Season 3 Episode 311 Animal Kingdom.

Shawn Hatosy, aka Andrew “Pope” Cody, made his directorial debut with the August 7 episode of his TNT series Animal Kingdom, and it was quite the outing.

He was also on double-duty, as he acted and then jumped behind the camera, but Hatosy was more than ready for the challenge — he’s been wanting to direct his whole career.

'Animal Kingdom' Star Shawn Hatosy Previews His Directorial Debut & Pope's FutureSee Also

'Animal Kingdom' Star Shawn Hatosy Previews His Directorial Debut & Pope's Future

As we gear up for the season finale, Hatosy also gives us three words to describe the end of the third season.

Hatosy told TV Insider previously that to prepare for this big step, he “shadowed” Southland [executive producers] John Wells & Chris Chulack “quite a bit” and considers them his mentors.

TV Guide Magazine got access to all the behind the scenes action, so check out some of the insider photos below:

This was the first scene that Hatosy shot.

On the set with Ben Robson, who plays Craig Cody.

Hatosy gets focused.

A little green screen action.

Hatosy gives direction in a scene.

“Want to thank the cast and crew for the overwhelming support. Most importantly want to thank the fans for inspiring me,” he wrote.

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